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Industry Leading Cabinets & Cooling Products

By providing products that enhance data centres; USystems Micro Data Center Solutions meet the demands of Edge Computing, 5G, Smart Cities and Offices.

USystems are working towards more efficient and sustainable data centers, by providing leading and innovative technologies to use less energy and reduce carbon footprint globally.


Providing precision cooling for new or retrofit environments where aisle containment is utilised, ColdLogik is deployed globally in numerous world leading Data Centres.

A range of retrofittable, or new build Rear Door Coolers with an unrivalled and sustainable cooling range from 0.1kW to 200kW plus per rack.

In-row cooling technology is a type of air conditioning system commonly used for data centre cooling which the cooling unit is placed between the server cabinets in a row to air to the server equipment’s more effectively.

Usystems Rear Doors
USystems InRow Cooler


USystems EDGE-3

The EDGE-3 replaces the need for a dedicated server room and only takes up less than 1m² of valuable office/floor space, allowing localised (Edge) computing in populated or more sensitive locations.


USystems UCoustic

The UCoustic acts as a 1m² server room and allows for a safe and secure deployment of IT equipment whenever and wherever it is needed, saving space, cost, and deployment time. Designed to deliver the ultimate combination of noise reduction and air-cooled thermal performance.

USpace 4210

The USpace 4210 is a premium cabinet range; With Smart design and state of the art manufacturing facilities guarantees unbeatable quality, style and innovation associated with USystems and their IT frames.

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