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Comms Centre is proud to be an authorised VELCRO® distributor and stockist, we can supply any of your VELCRO® requirements upon request.

VELCRO® Brand products are well-loved around the world, adhering and fastening everything from roof panels to diapers, and known for their familiar and reassuring fastening sound. Hook and loop is part of our everyday language and indispensable to our daily lives. It’s omnipresent and is re-invented for new uses on a daily basis.

Hook-and-loop, and now hook-to-hook, fasteners are featured in products around the world, ranging from transportation, personal care, apparel and outerwear and even packaging.

Velcro Companies have a library of more than 400 patents worldwide that it leverages to develop fastening solutions that can replace traditional mechanical and even chemical fasteners used in processes for temporary protection, flooring/finishes, solar energy, abrasives and even artificial turf.

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