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ServerTech Switched PDU

The Server Technology® PRO2 Smart/Switched POPS PDU provides control of outlet power(Switched only) and local LED input current monitoring, allowing IT personnel to determine safe levels of loading on a per-phase basis while installing equipment into the rack/cabinet. The integral PIPS® and POPS® technology provides billing-grade accurate measurement of current, voltage, active power, apparent power, power factor, crest factor, and accumulated energy at the input and at each output (POPS only). These power data points, along with temperature and humidity measurements (provided via optional probes), are accessible through the built-in Web and CLI interfaces as well as through SNMP. The PRO2 Smart/Switched POPS “Master” PDU can be connected to as many as three (with optional module) PRO2 Smart/Switched POPS “Link” PDUs to extend the network access to the redundant or secondary power feed without the risks of a daisy chain linking configuration.

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The switched PDU from Server Technology can turn on, off, or reboot outlets individually or as a group. Switched PDUs from Server Technology also feature outlet lock-out, power-up sequencing to reduce power-up inrushes and optional smart load shedding.

Not only do Server Technology’s Switched PDUs feature Smart PDU abilities for network access to power and environmental information, but these rack PDUs also give outlet control for reboot of locked-up devices as well as power-up sequencing.

Switched PDUs are designed to be perfect for all environments that require power + environmental monitoring, power-up sequencing, rebooting, scheduling power loads, and interoperability with Server Technology’s award-winning Sentry Power Manager software for data centers. These Switched PDUs have been especially useful in rapidly growing environments, such as those found in colocations.

Server Technology Switched PDUs can be purchased with our award-winning High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) and Alternating Phase technology. With HDOT, you get the highest outlet count in the most compact form factor of any PDU on the market. Alternating phase outlets alternate the phased power on a per-outlet basis rather than a per-branch basis. This design allows for shorter cords, faster installation and easier load balancing for 3-phase rack mount PDUs.

More about PIPS:

  • Power monitoring per inlet/infeed.
  • Power information per infeed includes current, voltage, power, apparent power, crest factor, reactance, power factor and accumulated energy.
  • Accessed through either a secure network or serial connection.
  • A secure integral web interface provides a simple and easy way to monitor the PDU. Configuration choices include: SNMP traps, email alerts, grouping, and all security and communication settings.

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