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Fibre Optic Cleaning Kit - Standard

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  • Comms Centre presents the Fibre Optic Cleaning Supplies Box as part of our fibre optic range.
  • These supplies will prevent the number 1 cause of fibre link failure; end-face contamination.
  • Contains everything needed for precision cleaning of end-faces on both patch cords and inside ports.
  • Specially formulated solvent dissolves contaminants, neutralises static charge and encapsulates particles for removal.
  • A range of wipers and swabs included to enable cleaning of all styles of fibre optic connectors.
  • The fibre optic cleaning cards can fit in your pocket so ideal for troubleshooting.
  • Includes the cleaning cube and wipes.
  • 5 cards with cleaning zones are also included.
  • A solvent pen and 2.5mm port cleaning swabs come with the cleaning supplies box.

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