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Eaton Intelligent Power Management (IPM Infrastructure)

Embedded within an Eaton Intelligent Power Controller, the new IPM Infrastructure software provides data centre managers with an easy to use and simple to deploy infrastructure monitoring solution. From the rack view to the data centre dashboard, IPM Infrastructure allows IT professionals to understand and monitor data centre power, environmental and physical capacity metrics, all within the context of their IT infrastructure. With the flexibility of the 42ITy™ Open Source data centre monitoring software stack, Eaton IPM Infrastructure simplifies complexity of multi-layered software-defined data centres.

  • Intuitive, drill down interface. Easily understand physical infrastructure constraints within the context of IT infrastructure
  • Simplified capacity management. See and understand the physical infrastructure’s available capacity at a glance. Space, power and environmental metrics provide essential information for ensuring business continuity and maximizing IT device operating lifetimes
  • Real-time monitoring and graphical trending analysis. Real-time device monitoring provides instantaneous visibility of the state of your physical infrastructure and its constraints.
  • Trends and evolution. Key power and environmental data is conveniently stored, and converted into easy to use in-application trend indicators and graphs. This means you can better understand how your data centre capacity is evolving over time.
  • Load balancing. The solution makes it possible to automatically track power draw from the UPS through the rack power distribution helping ensure that the load is equally distributed across all phases.

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