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Draka D12b

Draka D31: UCFIBRE™ Distribution Cable B2ca

Universal, distribution or mini break-out cable with ES9 tight buffer, with up to 24 fibres, glass yarns, water blocking and FireRes® sheath, Class B2ca s1a-d1-a1 VDE: U-VQ(ZN)H.

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This distribution or mini-break-out cable can be used for many indoor and outdoor applications. Typical cable applications include: LAN and WAN backbones, central office interconnections, backbones in data centres, and many other.

– This cable is longitudinally water blocked.

– The cable is suited for installation in ducts and on trays.

– The cable features an UV stabilised, water and moisture resistant FireRes® LSOH sheathing, the cable is thus well suited for shorter outdoor runs.

– This cable features high flame retardance with B2ca approval.

Fibre Count: 2 – 24
Sheath Colour: Fibre Specific
Standards :ISO 11801-1, EN 187 000, IEC 60794-2, EN 50 173-1, IEC 60794-2-20


G.657 A1, OM3, OM4

Number of Cores

4, 8, 12, 24

CPR Flammability Rating

B2CA, Cca, ECA

Data Sheet

 Draka D31

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