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Optimise your Data Centre with HUBER+SUHNER

Providing innovative, high performance products and services for the vastly evolving data centre market, HUBER+SUHNER provide the passive fibre optic solutions needed for your long lasting, prosperous and extensible data centre.

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Product Ranges

LiSA: High-Density Fibre Management System 

  • 100 % front accessibility
  • Highest level of fibre protection and bend-radius limitation
  • Intuitive and simple cable management
  • Space saving due to small rack footprint
  • Intelligent and flexible for a range or application or terminations
  • Wide range of Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) racks available
  • Up to 1944 duplex LC per 600mm x 600mm footprint
  • Best known in the grey space and can be utilised in white space
  • Often used to provide best segregation between service providers/customers

See the LiSA product range.

IANOS: High-Density Connectivity System

  • Unbeatable flexibility
  • Highest patching density
  • Smart cable management
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Upgradeable and future-proofed
  • Pre-terminated cable systems
  • 72 duplex LC or MPO ports per 1U

See the IANOS product range.

Future Proofing

Always ensure you’re prepared for challenges by future-proofing your backbone cabling.

With constant increase in capacity, often data centres can run out of resource, space and budget if they haven’t planned ahead. Eliminate those challenges by ensuring your backbone cabling is ready for any changes.

Extend the life of your data centre by:

  • Ensuring there is enough space to allow for increased requirements for equipment, applies to both racks and cabling containment
  • Preparing sufficient fibres to link different customers within the data centre
  • Accommodating for any additional racks and cabling by saving enough space
  • Anticipating requirements for additional ISPs needing access and therefore needing extra space
  • Utilising fibre to free up un-used ports

GPS Over Fibre

The world’s first true copper-less time synchronisation link, providing scalable timing infrastructure solutions directly via fibre optics. 

> Greater distances between RF source and the receiver system compared to copper

> Enabling power redundancy due to two integrated power supplies

> Remote control and monitoring via web interface

> Reduced space in cabling containment in comparison to copper

> One single antenna can cover unlimited end devices for timing reference.

> Immune to Radio Frequency Interference, EMI & EMP

> Unlimited flexibility and scalability in signal distribution

> Supporting infrastructure installation with direct GNSS signal evaluation

Installation Cost Savings

Fewer roof penetrations due to no power distribution required.

Easy installation with no lighting protection needed.

Save time with no construction approval needed for power.

Easy & Flexible Time Signal Expansion

Unlimited timing signal reference distribution.

Fully utilise the data centre environment with fibre distribution over existing equipment.

Costs are relative to business growth.

Enhance Safe & Secure Timing Signal Reference Distribution

Minimise power failure with dual power supply.

Prevent tapping attempts with optical transmission and remote detection of data signals. 

Integration of monitoring surveillance available for your network.

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