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Leviton ADVENTUM™ Cabling

Introducing a new solution to your Indoor/Outdoor Dry Loose Tube Cabling needs. 

What is ADVENTUM™?

A Dry Water Blocked Indoor/Outdoor Multi Loose Tube cable that withstands the rigors of outdoor environments while offering exceptional fire performance for indoor environments.

Comprehensive fire performance coupled with a gel-free dry water blocking technology enable installation in virtually any environment without the need for a transition point; saving 25% in material and labour costs over traditional gel-filled fibre designs.

Throughout the enterprise and campus environment, ADVENTUM is designed to provide optimum performance for high-speed applications in fibre counts 12 to 144.

Manufactured using 100% renewable energy in a PAS2060 carbon neutral facility in Glenrothes, Scotland. Dry Loose Tube ADVENTUM cabling is part of Leviton’s global OPT-X fibre systems suitable for a variety of applications and deployment environments across the globe.

Why choose ADVENTUM™?

Save Time

Gel-free design allows for faster terminations and less consumables required for cleaning.

Save Money

Reduce material & labour costs by 25% as gel-free cable eliminates the transition point between environments. 

Fit Outdoor Standards

Fully waterblocked to IEC 60794-1-22-F5C for
indoor/outdoor applications.

High Fibre Counts

Available in up to 144 fibres, meeting backbone cable requirements.


Designed and manufactured in carbon neutral facility in Glentrothes, Scotland.

CPR Rated

Meets CPR fire compliance classifications, so you can rest assured.


Lighter cable means reduced
loading stresses in cable trays.

Prepare For Virtually Any Environment

Temperature rated and UV stable
for indoor/outdoor applications

Meet Fire Standards

Comprehensive fire performance and meeting standards for global customers.

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