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Comms Centre supplies Power and UPS Solutions to Government projects





The customer undertakes large-scale integration works for Government-based entities across the UK. After a successful roll-out of network infrastructure, they were approached to deliver the power, UPS, and and battery back-up to support the network they had deployed.


The job had a short lead time  – the battery back-up system had to be deployed quickly and at multiple sites around the UK to ensure it was completed at the same time.

Due to limited manufacturer options, there were escalating supplier costs and a disturbed programme which added further complications.

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The main solution to the problem that time was tight was that materials were ordered from multiple sources to ensure supply.

Internal account managers at Comms Centre worked with the client’s project management team in order to schedule the stock call-off programme.

Product was ordered well in advance, with costs negotiated by Comms Centre with the supplier on behalf of the client.


The client received all of the required product in a call-off phase throughout the duration of the programme. The solution was also delivered under budget, which maximised profit for our customer. By Comms Centre holding stock for the customer, it reduced their stockholding.


We can offer call-off deliveries as per required, usually weekly.

There are a lot more restrictions; including restricted times when sites can be accessed as well as higher security. There are also dedicated personnel assigned to a job.

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