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Comms Centre Supplies Materials and Storage for Large FTTP Rollout Programme

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The client undertakes large civil works across the UK. After a successful rollout of a smart city network in the North of the UK, they were approached by a Telecoms Service Provider to quote for the supply and installation of a FTTP rollout for 40,000+ homes.


There were initial problems to overcome regarding infrastructure. The area of the install had small underground ducts with limited cable capacity and the job had a complex design with high- and low-level cabling routes.

The client didn’t have the suitable warehouse facilities to store all of the fibre required for such a large job. The entire venture would require a vast amount of cable which is bulky to store. Despite the long install time, the client also required the pricing to be fixed for the whole duration of the programme.

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We arranged design workshops with the end client, installer, manufacturer, and the Comms Centre tech team to identify which high-core count ribbon fibre cable was suitable for each application and cable route. This was agreed based on the manufacturer’s portfolio of products, with CST, ULW, and Ribbon Fibre all being used.

To overcome the client’s lack of warehouse space, Comms Centre utilised 50,000sqft of space in their own warehouse and worked out a call-off schedule. There were six required drops over an eight-month period, and we made sure to arrange for the specific cable required in each drop to be delivered to our warehouse two months in advance. This ensured availability.

Because of the work put into planning the job and working out the call-off schedule, the materials could be procured in bulk. This meant that there were economies of scale and negotiated price supports over the full project duration. This meant that the client’s wish for a consistent price could be fulfilled.



This support led to the client winning the contract. All materials were delivered within the expected time and to the client’s requirements and expectations. Phase 1 of the project was a great success, which led to Comms Centre being selected for Phase 2 and continuing to work in partnership with the client and end user.

Author Credits

Robbie Dickman

Internal Account Manager

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