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Comms Centre provides hardware infrastructure to two new data centre locations for a world-renowned financial institute

Complete Data Centre Fitting

Slough & London, UK

Power Distribution


Hot Aisle Containment



The customer is a multinational financial services company with offices around the world, including London.


The client owned multiple data centres that required infrastructure refreshes and decommissioning of server and network equipment.

Completing the refresh and decommissioning concurrently was going to be a complex task and it was decided that it would be more efficient to start anew in a colocation space and install bespoke infrastructure to suit the client’s needs. The job would require new power distribution, cabinet, and hot aisle solutions.

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As the client was moving into a fresh space with no existing infrastructure to match, Comms Centre had the opportunity to provide new manufacturer options that were cost competitive, bespoke, and designed for the client specifically. Comms Centre worked our vendor partners to design the correct solution via multiple workshops. The costs were reduced by limiting generic parts that weren’t required whilst working with the delivery team to eliminate programme delays. We acted as the coordinating partner between the manufacturer and integrator, providing technical support and vendor management. The products included within our solution were:
  • Network and server cabinets (circa 120 cabinets)
  • Cable management
  • Bespoke hot aisle containment (POD based solution)
  • In-cabinet power distribution units (circa 240 PDUs)


The client received the specific products required, to the design created within their workshops. Deliveries were made on time to meet a specific programme, and safely with Comms Centre’s integrator partner. This led to the successful deployment of the new infrastructure into two locations. Importantly, the deployment was delivered on budget.


We have been working on this project for roughly three months. It usually takes around four to five months to complete a project of this type and size.

The key stakeholders are the end client, which in this case would be the hospital. The facilities team in the hospital identified what room could be used and the IT team then identified what equipment was needed. They then communicated with an M&E design consultant to create a design plan for the project. Other parties were then instructed such as the structured cabling team and ourselves.

Data centre solutions refer to the products and services needed to create and maintain a data centre. Products can include key technologies such as IT equipment, like servers, routers, storage systems, and firewalls, as well as supporting infrastructure for the physical data centre, like cooling systems, batteries, generators and cabling.

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